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I’m sure you’ve heard stories of people who’ve made lots of cash by blogging in the Internet. I’m quite certain that it has crossed your mind too, that is, you’d like to join these group of people and make thousands of money on the Internet as well by blogging. It does sound very enticing, doesn’t it?
So now you go get yourself a site, put WordPress, one of the most popular software in making blogs, in your site and you’d like to start blogging away and make some cash. Well, there’s more to it than that.
And this is where the wishing stops and you just give up. WordPress doesn’t look as easy as you thought it was, you can’t figure out how to monetize it, and there seems to be lots of things that you need to learn in order to master WordPress.
At some point, you ask yourself or you ask someone else – is there any place, any site, anywhere in particular where you can find all of the tutorial videos for the most common topics about WordPress…
This is easy-to-follow video tutorials which will walk you through the various aspects of using WordPress.
Now you have a handy set of videos which you can refer to in case you run into a problem or if you don’t know how to do something in WordPress.
You can also pass these videos to your outsourcers or your staff so that they can help you out with WordPress-related tasks.
Furthermore, if you have an online support desk, you can provide these video tutorials to your customers or clients, therefore helping them out in a more efficient manner!



I love working with WordPress and doing it the right way. My common #1 goal: Keeping it as simple as possible. I run ASTROBLU with my wife and team. We creating theme, video templates and tutorial to help our beloved members.
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