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Most of our present Internet space is made of pictures, drawings or other form of visual media. While it’s true that an image is worth 1000 words, it usually takes much more space to be stored and bandwidth to be sent over, than the text referred in the famous saying. Sometimes muchmore.

A lot of the content of successful websites is user-contributed and most of the users are non-technical. And that’s OK. Where would the Web be if one would need to know C++ in order to post from his phone a picture with him on a safari ride in the jungle? Or even just to have to rescale & compress the image before doing that?

While a successful site needs to make the process of content generating as straightforward as possible, it also must pay attention to the size of the image, in order to let the pages load fast for best user experience. Images generated by various devices, such as a digital camera, or a design application are seldom optimized for size. For example, a picture taken by your new smartphone could easily go over 4MB and a decent web page should not weigh more than 3MB. How many pictures like that one can you fit in?



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